Friday, April 24, 2009


Since watching Kris Allen's performance on American Idol's Songs from the Movies episode a couple of weeks ago I have been dying to watch Once. I shot it right to the top of my Netflix queue and was delighted to see the red little envelope in my mailbox yesterday. Let me say it did not dissappoint.
The film follows a young Irish guy who fixes vacuum cleaners for a living, but is really a brilliant musician. He meets a young girl from the Czech Republic who encourages him to quit selling him self short, to put himself out there with his music and his love life. Besides being impressed with the soundtrack I was also captivated by the storyline. I think the reason I liked it so much is because the characters did the right thing, even if it was hard. There was obviously feelings between them, but they didn't go down that road. It was realistic. I think its probably one of the few movies that didn't lie about love, but showed the good the bad and the ugly.

Anyways, I would highly reccommend this movie. DISCLAIMER, this takes place in Ireland and they have pretty colorful slang if you know what I mean. So, don't say I didn't warn you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Silverware and Groceries

As I was unloading/reloading the dishwasher tonight I realized something funny about myself. When I put silverware into that little basket I must put like utensils together, so spoons must be in the same section with spoons, forks with forks, etc. It doesn't bother me if other people mix them up, but if I am loading dishes I will always separate...isn't that weird?

Another little quirky thing of mine....when I load my groceries onto the conveyor at Wal-Mart I load them by where I will put them away (all the frozen stuff together, cookies and chips together, and don't forget the bread goes in the fridge so that's gotta be with the cold stuff too!)

So yeah if you wanted to know if I have some weird neurotic things beneath my laid back exterior there is your answer....

In other news, this Friday and Saturday we're having a garage sale. It's amazing how much stuff I have accumulated in 5 years.

I'm finally feeling a few twinges of sadness about leaving. Luis was here this week, and last night he was commenting on how it was sad that after so much time, so many memories and friends, that we were finally moving on with no real reason to come back.

He's right. So much has happened in this little Arkansas town. When I think back to the girl who moved here five years ago I can't believe how different I am. I was insecure and unsure of my direction in life and really toying with my faith rather than making it my own. While I can't say that I have all the answers or even have my faith journey totally figured out I can say that the people and experiences that started here have set me in the right direction. Wow, I'm so thankful, so very very thankful to the professors, friends and others who made this experience possible. You know who you are...thank you!

In two weeks I will drive away from JBU, maybe for the last time, but the memories will always be here. Check out the pictures below for a walk down memory lane!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sweet Sunday

So after a really long week I promised myself that Sunday I would do my new favorite thing BAKING! So I kinda got a late start and ended up rushing towards the end, but I think they turned out cute. If you can't tell they're grass with Easter eggs and little rabbit rears and feet :P. I made something else, but they are a surprise for Luis who is coming on Tuesday!!!!!!! So I'll upload pics after he gets here. Tomorrow is going to be a super long day but after that I think that things are really going to start winding down...I can't say I'm not ready. Home sweet home very soon!