Saturday, March 28, 2009


Every year when the daffodils bloom around Siloam Springs I tell myself I'm going to take pictures of them. But since daffodils are not a very long suffering flower, I usually never get around to it. But this year was my year.

Here is a couple of shots of these beautiful flowers!

So how did it go from Spring to this view out my window????? That's right....I woke up this morning to big fluffy snowflakes creating a blanket of white. As you can see it has quickly dissipated, but regardless, it's almost April and it's snowing. That is pretty ridiculous in my book.

But even more than trading in Winter for Spring, I'm ready to trade this view (above) for this view (below). This is the view from The Cafetalito, a coffee shop in a mall in Guatemala. What you can't see are the beautiful green mountains. I couldn't get enough of the sunshine and the warm air (not to mention Luis :)). I'm ready for this!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I have never been one to fight being "trendy." At five years old I had New Kids on the Block bedsheets even though I could not name one of their songs. In Jr. High I Kissed Dating Goodbye, so as to keep the youth group status quo. So, I guess that at 24 it is only appropriate that I love ironic humor, own a Macbook, and now am starting a blog.

I'm not quite sure yet what this blog will turn into. Maybe it will chronicle the upcoming changes in my life, maybe it will be an outlet for my opinions, or maybe I'll just post my favorite LOLcatz. Keep coming back though, I hope to post something interesting on a fairly regular basis. If you think of a blog niche I can fill I'm open to suggestions.

Tip for the day....Watch 30 Rock. It's that comedy that has never really caught your attention, but wins all the awards. That's because it's hilarious! Watch it, you won't be sorry you did.