Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great Give-Away!

A post two days in a row. I have to say this post is a little selfishly motivated. I was perusing my ever growing list of must-read blogs (which I found the greatest thing I never knew about, the Google blog reader. Check it out!) and I came across a new blog and a great give-away.

It's called The Lovely List (http://www.thelovelylist.com). It's a great collection of really inspiring blogs that give great ideas for anything and everything you can think of. Right now they are giving away my dream....an adorable white and pink beach cruiser, with the basket in the front. For those of you who knew me in Arkansas you know how much I loved my bike and how sad I was to leave it behind. I don't know how I would pack this one up and get it down to Guatemala, but whatever I had to do it would be worth the effort!

Go check out the blog!

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